July 19 Congratulatory Remarks

Sang Min Lee, 4th-term Member of the Korea National Assembly and serves on the the Science, ICT, Broadcasting and Communications Committee. He has served as a member of the Korean National Assembly for nearly 15 years while representing Yuseong City, which is a capital of science and technology in Korea. He has served as chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Sigon Kim is the President of Korean Society of Transportation (KST) and Professor at the graduate school of railway in Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Seoul Tech). He served as a dean for the graduate school. Before becoming a professor, he worked for the Korea Transport Institute as a head of railway division. He also served as the President of Public Transport Forum (PTF). His recent research topics are as follows: railway feasibility study, multi-modal transfer center, and establishment of railway accident emergency response system.

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