July 19 Plenary Keynote Presentation

Seok Hong Lee is CTO and Executive Vice President of HYUNDAI Engineering and Construction Co. LTD and has taken full control of R&D activities. He leads the R&D Division not only in developing novel technologies but also building an R&D paradigm innovation system for creating sustainable and higher value. Following upon the launch of the NTU-Hyundai Urban System Center, supported by EDB at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore in January 2016, his role was extended to the Chairman of the joint R&D Center. He is also in pursuit of more R&D collaboration with Singapore government agencies such as JTC Corporation. In 2015, Lee received the Presidential Medal for Industry for his great achievement in construction sector.

Presentation Title: Smart City Strategy of Hyundai Motor Group

Abstract: Hyundai Motor Group is building up its smart city strategy for the Human-centric urban society with innovative technologies based on a differentiated mobility Service and intelligent transportation system. In addition to the existing automobile business, Hyundai Motor Group is expanding its technology domains that span across the borders with other industries in AI, robots, and Energy. To implement Eco-friendly society, the world’s first commercialized fuel cell automobile has been launched and nationwide hydrogen energy infrastructure for the fuel cell automobile is being planned. Also, the plan of robot taxi based with autonomous driving system is suggested to Incheon city for helping a mobility impaired person. These various challenges of Hyundai Motor Group with innovative technologies will provide and secure new business opportunities in the future.

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