Papers/Presentation Theme

2019 ICSC Conference is composed of thee tracks of themes as shown below.

Track #1: Smart Buildings and Infrastructures

  • Design of smart buildings and infrastructures
  • Smart sensors for home, buildings and infrastructures
  • Smart building maintenance management system
  • Smart infrastructure asset management system
  • Smart pavements, roads and bridges
  • Smart underground pipes and structures


Track #2: Smart Air, Water, Energy and Transportation

  • Clean air and air quality monitoring system
  • Smart parks and recreation facilities
  • Clean water and efficient distribution system
  • Smart energy metering and power grids
  • Autonomous and efficient transportation
  • Smart parking meters and operations


Track #3: Smart Government and Operations

  • e-Government
  • Smart video surveillance and crime prevention systems
  • Smart disaster prevention and response
  • Smart big data and life-cycle analysis
  • Operation, maintenance and safety of smart cities
  • Smart city and urban Planning


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